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What Are Online Games?


Online Games are games that can be played over the internet, on a computer or mobile device. They can range from simple mini games, to massive multiplayer games that create a world in which players can interact. These types of games are often called MMORPG’s or MUMMYS and can include everything from creating blocky masterpieces in Minecraft to embarking on thrilling adventures in Roblox. These games often require players to log in with a username and password, and can include features such as stats, achievements, awards or badges.

Online gaming has เรียนรู้วิธีการ many positive benefits for people from all walks of life. For example, students can develop soft skills and enhance their academic performance by playing online games. In addition, workers can use online games to relieve stress and improve their productivity. Moreover, expert gamers can achieve longer visual attention and better social interaction than non-gamers.

The Impact of Online Games on Social Interaction

However, online gaming has its drawbacks as well. For instance, the immersive nature of these games can lead to addiction and cause players to neglect their real-life duties. Moreover, some online games are prone to hacking attacks and can expose personal information such as credit card numbers or residential addresses. In addition, sedentary lifestyles caused by online gaming can lead to obesity and other health problems. Lastly, violent content in online games can cause desensitization to violence and trigger aggressive behaviors among children and adults.

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