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Can You Buy Psychedelic Mushrooms in Canada?

More Canadians are turning to microdosing psilocybin — better known as magic mushrooms — to treat their mental health concerns. CBC News’ Nick Purdon takes a look at the people who swear it works and the researchers trying to find out what the science says. URL

Psychedelic mushrooms aren’t legally available in Canada. Even though they are widely available in gray market mushroom dispensaries and online, psilocybin is prohibited under Schedule III of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA). However, there are certain exemptions to this rule, including approval given through Health Canada’s Special Access Program.

Harvesting Healing: The Growing Interest in Magic Mushrooms Across Canada

While psilocybin is known for its hallucinogenic properties, the fungus itself has many potential medicinal purposes. A growing body of evidence suggests it could help treat anxiety, depression, addictions and even terminal illnesses like cancer.

The psilocybin in the mushrooms also helps to increase the production of dopamine, an important chemical messenger. Dopamine regulates mood and emotions, so having more of it can lead to an improvement in overall well-being.

Psilocybin has also shown promise in the treatment of PTSD and other psychological trauma. It can help reduce the negative effects of traumatic experiences by triggering memory recall, and can change negative thought patterns and beliefs that may contribute to PTSD.

Although psilocybin is not currently approved by Health Canada, companies such as Numinus, which is based in Nanaimo, have been working on developing a tea with a standardized amount of psilocybin at their lab. Currently, they are conducting internal clinical trials on the product and hope to be able to commercialize it in the near future.

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