Day: March 10, 2024

Hire Disco Balls to Elevate Your EventHire Disco Balls to Elevate Your Event

Hire Disco Balls

Take your venue Hire Disco Balls up a notch with this funky addition. Our stacked and single disco balls are the perfect styling accessory and can be used to frame your guests for photos, as an alternative to our photobooth backdrop, hung from our ceremony plinths or arbours and so much more. Our larger mirror ball clusters are also great for enhancing any large-scale installation such as your dance floor, showcasing your food station or adding some sparkle to your wedding cake.

The spherical shape of a disco ball is covered in small mirrored tiles that reflect light and create a shimmering display. It was invented to catch the attention of dancers and create a mesmerising effect. Its popularity grew due to the disco culture in the 1970s and is now a symbol of the funky movement.

Creating the Ultimate Dance Party: Tips for Hiring Disco Balls

It can be lit with a spotlight, a pin spot or an LED light. Lighting your disco ball correctly will produce the best results. A bright and intense light produces sharp and clear reflections while a dimmer light will produce softer and more diffused reflections. You can also add colour filters to your light source to change the colour reflected on the disco ball and produce a unique and vibrant effect.

Whether you are throwing a funky 70’s themed party or just want to up the atmosphere, the disco ball is a must. Hundreds of beams of light dancing around the ceiling will elevate your event and add some serious WOW factor.