Day: March 6, 2024

What Does a Demolition Contractor Do?What Does a Demolition Contractor Do?

The job of a demolition contractor is to bring safety, cost-effectiveness, waste management and environmental responsibility to construction projects. These professionals have expertise in the use of equipment, tools and technology needed to demolish structures such as buildings, bridges, and roads. They also know how to work around regulatory bodies that oversee the demolition process.

Before a demolition project begins, a contractor assesses the site and the structure to be demolished to determine the scope of the project, the possible hazards, and any necessary permits. They will also create a risk assessment and method statements for the demolition work. These documents are then passed on to the principal contractor, who will develop them into a detailed health and safety plan.

During the demolition process, the demolition contractor will strip the building down to its frame. This may involve removing doors, windows, linings, and timber moldings. They will also remove structural timbers, joists, and trusses in internal and external areas. A demolition company will be able to dismantle and recycle most of the materials removed from a building during its demolition.

Choosing the Right Demolition Contractor: Key Considerations for Success

Once the demolition has been completed, the demolition contractors will clear the site. This includes removing all debris from the area, making sure there is no toxic waste or shards of metal lying around to hurt anyone. They will also make sure the ground is cleared and ready for further construction.

Demolition contractors need to have the proper licensing and insurance to operate. They will need to have a general construction license as well as a specialized demolition permit. In addition to these, they will need a range of specialized vehicles to transport their tools and equipment. These include low loaders, HIAB trucks, and roll-on/off wagons.