Day: March 4, 2024

Siglent Oscilloscope ReviewSiglent Oscilloscope Review

Siglent oscilloscope review  has released a new series of scopes aimed squarely at the market segment owned by Tek and Keysight (nee Agilent, nee Hewlett-Packard). These two and four channel units range from a 200 MHz 2 GSa/s two channel model that starts at $885 sans options to a 400 MHz 4 channels with 16 digital inputs for $2815 (both are in the SDS1000X-E family). All models feature dual 1 GSa/s ADCs, 14 Mpts of memory, extensive math functions a built-in arbitrary waveform generator and decoders for I2C, RS232, UART and CAN.

The GUI is similar to the Keysight offering a lot of functionality in the drop down menus and a huge amount of measurements that can be displayed on screen. Some of these are not always obvious, for example pushing the vertical gain knob toggles the display from the normal 1-2-5 sequence to a variable mode that allows the gain to be adjusted by the user.

Deciphering the Cost: Why Are Oscilloscopes So Expensive

In addition to the typical features offered by this price class of scopes the Siglent also has a unique feature that it calls Mask which is a feature that allows users to build a mask around a signal and then do a pass/fail test on the signal by counting whether the signal stays within the mask or not. The stored waveform can then be recalled from the oscilloscope just like any captured single shot and can be measured, zoomed etc.

I found the performance and features of this scope to be outstanding for a unit in this price range. It has a better signal to noise ratio, a higher processing speed and FFT resolution, lower input impedance than many competitors in this price range and a very low noise vertical scale down to 500 uV/div.

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